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Enterprise Services

SAP Live Link 365

Connect your applications and business systems to everyone, everywhere, using SAP Live Link 365's programmable digital interconnect APIs

SAP SMS 365, enterprise service

Connect with consumers worldwide – with our bulk SMS messaging service for enterprises

SAP Intelligent Notification 365

Revitalize your consumer or business engagement to orchestrate the delivery of critical and non-critical notifications across channels.

SAP Authentication 365

Protect your customers with SMS based end-to-end two factor authentication service

SAP People Connect 365

Optimize operational efficiency to control, manage, and measure responsiveness during disruptive business events

SAP IoT Connect 365

Simplify the complex connectivity, scalability, and management of the Internet of Things (IoT) through a single contract and connection


Engage consumers on the go – with our MMS for enterprises

Operator Services

SAP SMS 365, operator service

Connect with over 1040 operators – and tap into a customer base of more than 6.1 billion subscribers

SAP SMS Firewall 365

Create a secure firewall for your SMS services that can help operators prevent SMS fraud and grey routes, even for roaming customers.


Support a full suite of essential operator services and options for global roaming

SAP IoT Connect 365

Simplify complex object connectivity, roaming and subscription management, and data security across multiple regions and networks.


Maximize your reach: Provide superior global roaming data

SAP Messaging Proxy 365

A cloud-based service that helps operators optimize and monetize their outbound messaging traffic


Connect to more than 280 networks – with our inter-operator MMS