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SAP Digital Interconnect Employee

What are the setup/onboarding steps for SAP Social Channels 365?

The high-level setup/onboarding steps for SAP Social Channels 365 are as follows:


  1. Customer creates necessary Social Channels setup / pages, they will stop at the point when they need to submit the WebHook URL.

  2. Customer completes the details requested in the SAP Social Channels 365 Provisioning form and send the completed form to SAP Digital Interconnect to perform the backend setup.

  3. The SAP Digital Interconnect Provisioning team perform the following activities:
  • Create a new Hub Account in CTool
  • Social backend provisioning setup (appid creation, registration data setup, social backend setup - webhook url will be ready in this step) These details will be provided by customer by completing the provisioning form and sending it to SAP Digital Interconnect.
  • The SAP Digital Interconnect Ops o Pre sales teams, send the webhook URL to the customer.
  1. Customer initiates webhook url registration. Upon successful webhook registration, user can access the bot from the Social app to initiate registration:
  • Customer sends MT traffic to the registered users.

Refer to the SAP Social Channels 365 Onboarding and Integration Guide for full details of the onboarding and integration process for SAP Social Channels 365.


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Marut Gaonkar,
Product Manager SAP Social Channels 365
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