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What are the benefits of SAP Social Channels 365?

Shahzad Ismail
Head of Community Engagement
SAP Digital Interconnect Employee

Re: What are the benefits of SAP Social Channels 365?

SAP Social Channels 365 utilizes a single API to unify multichannel communications into an effective engagement strategy by escalating and orchestrating message routing to improve reach, satisfaction, and conversion.




Additonal benefits include:

  • Provides user registration and authentication – SAP Social Channel 365 has a simplified registration process that allows users to register using their MSISDN. This process also has the added advantage of being a double opt-in using 2FA for user confirmation. The user registers on the social channel and receives a confirmation link through SMS. The benefit of double opt-in is that you'll know the MSISDN number provided by the user is valid and belongs to the user. Another huge benefit is that you have a more engaged list. Because subscribers have to confirm, you know that the people on your list really wanted to sign up.
  • Leverages user preference to deliver notification to the right channel – Users can set their preference for channel engagement and based on the channel preference enterprises can send the right message at the right time, through the preferred user channel, thereby personalizing this experience for the user
  • Provides unified interface, opt-in and authentication service for multiple social channels, push, and SMS – SAP Social Channels 365 provides a single service, connection, and strategy for enterprises. This simplifies enterprise integration, reduces cost and complexity, making it easy to integrate with existing applications, and increasing the speed of go-to-market times.
  • Maintains fallback channel rules to optimize engagement - Based on preferences set for the users, in the event of non delivery, nonresponse, or lack of data connectivity the message fail overs to the next channel in preference list thus improving user engagement.

Click here to learn more about SAP Social Channels 365.


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Meenal Prasad
Head of Enterprise Products
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