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Multichannel Engagement for the Experience Economy: What Does It Mean for Marketers?

We are living in a time where consumer interaction with brands is no longer a one-way channel. Every interaction a company has with its existing customers has moved from being a transaction to an experience. Brands are taking a more holistic approach to engaging and retaining customers because it’s not just one point of interaction that matters, it’s everything else that leads up to and follows that engagement. Welcome to the experience economy!


Having a multichannel engagement strategy — the ability to reach customers via SMS, email, in app push, and social channels seamlessly— is imperative today. It’s not an “either-or” decision, it’s about the “and.” Social channels are ever increasing in reach and adoption, with roughly 1 million new users daily. Brands need to be able to complement traditional with new and build out their reach for delivering the right experience.


The SAP Social Channels 365 mobile service comes integrated with a decision engine that allows use of a single API connection to integrate multiple channels. The decision engine for SAP Social Channels 365 powers engagement across social channels, brand apps, and SMS using one API to connect and communicate with consumers. Allowing users to send marketing and promotional offers and other messages directly to customers using the channels they prefer.


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Arti Yadav,
Director, Strategic Go-To-Market projects
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