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What specific business goals+objectives did Xoriant hope to achieve when implementing a crisis management solution?

Xoriant hoped to achieve the following business goals and objectives when implementing a crisis management solution:

  • Improve response for planned and unplanned business events and disruption
  • Bridge and better collaboration between support functions and R&D units within organization
  • Enhancing trust of employees and their families in Xoriant as they would see adoption of world class crisis management solution as a caring gesture from the company

How did the Xoriant meet these challenges?

  • SAP People Connect 365 was chosen for creating better business continuity planning
  • Initial roll out for 100 employees of Xoriant
  • Integrated and Automated employee communication
  • Ability to monitor employee response(s)
  • Leverage custom groups for targeted communication channels.

About Xoriant

Xoriant is a Silicon Valley headquartered company focused on product engineering, software development and technology consulting services. With a global delivery presence in the U.S., Europe and Asia, they work closely with both technology companies and enterprises, from startups to the Fortune 100 companies.


Amol Nawale, Technical Lead at Xoriant
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