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How has the SAP People Connect 365 impacted WARIF’s work as an organisation?

WARIF's partnership with SAP has provided an innovative technological platform for community gatekeepers in rural areas to report cases of Gender based Violence in real-time. This partnership which commenced in 2018 has been instrumental to assisting the organisation it’s continuous fight against gender based violence; especially in rural areas in Lagos State.


The platform known as the “SAP Connect People 365” is a two-way communication tool which was specifically designed for WARIF by SAP Solutions and it has created a medium through which cases of rape are being reported to the organisation from rural areas in a timely manner. It has also improved our data collation, as cases are now reported in a more  efficient manner. This innovation is the very first of its kind. There are currently 500 beneficiaries from over 7 Local Government Areas in Lagos State on this platform being managed by WARIF.


Watch the video to learn how Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF) uses SAP People Connect 365 from the SAP Digital Interconnect group to address critical gaps in communication channels and processes and share information in a timely fashion to help reduce violence and abuse of Nigerian women and girls.



Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF), is a non-profit that combats sexual violence, rape and human trafficking of girls and women across Nigeria.


Chichi Ogbonnaya, Project Manager | WARIF
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