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SAP Digital Interconnect Employee

How do you import data into SAP People Connect 365?

The data integration process in SAP People Connect 365 is simple and can be done mostly through the UI. There are three primary methods:


  • API Integration - An API Integration can be established by having the customer’s application settings configured in SAP People Connect 365, which will start pulling data.
  • SFTP access – Using SFTP customers can push data files into a storage volume shared and read by SAP People Connect 365.
  • Manual CSV uploads – The CSV Upload interface in the UI allows you to upload a data file in real time and have the data imported right away. The column mapping interface is also made available here.

These methods use intelligent workflows such as column mapping and preferred settings to help optimize the integration process. Refer to the Data Integration section of the SAP People Connect 365 User Guide for more information.


Elias Moreira,
Product Manager for SAP People Connect 365
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Re: How do I import data into SAP People Connect 365?

Are you also going to provide support for integration with other HRMS tools such as PeopleSoft, Oracle systems, etc.?