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Has WARIF experienced any difficulties or challenges while using SAP People Connect 365?

Although we have experienced the following challenges, they are beyond our control and that of SAP People Connect 365:

  • Given the rural environment and the lack of certain infrastructural needs such as continuous power supply - Some of the TBAs cannot respond to our messages because their mobile phones are off at the time they were sent due to the lack of electricity and phones not adequately charged.
  • Irregularities with various mobile network providers of TBAs have been experienced. Due to issues with connectivity with the various Telkom providers - We recently noticed a reduction in the number of responses we got from the beneficiaries and when we made our enquiries, we realised that some of the TBAs were not reducing our messages due to connectivity issues.
  • Lack of knowledge on the features of the phones used - Our findings led us to discover that some mobile telephones have the DO NOT DISTURB (DND) feature active by default on each subscribers’ sim card/ phone and as a result, their users only receive messages from registered numbers of friends and family.

Watch the video to learn how Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF) uses SAP People Connect 365 from the SAP Digital Interconnect group to address critical gaps in communication channels and processes and share information in a timely fashion to help reduce violence and abuse of Nigerian women and girls.



Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF), is a non-profit that combats sexual violence, rape and human trafficking of girls and women across Nigeria.


Chichi Ogbonnaya, Project Manager | WARIF
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