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Does SAP People Connect 365 offer location capabilities?

SAP People Connect 365 offers various ways to visualize and select individual’s locations. By integrating with the people data source of the organization, the user can monitor both Office and Home location of individuals. Users can also obtain individual’s current location by leveraging the “Location request” capability. This uses the Location Request URL, which works similarly to the Keyword URL functionality but shares the geolocation of the recipient individual instead of the keyword information.


You can leverage this location information when creating a new event, both by filtering the desired location or by creating a customer area (polygon) on the map:


PC365 Define Custom Area.png


The Custom area feature allows you to define a polygon shaped area of the map which you can then use to create an event to notify all the employees located within this area. Refer to the (refer to the Defining Custom Areas section of the SAP People Connect 365 User Guide.


Elias Moreira,
Product Manager for SAP People Connect 365
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