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Does SAP People Connect 365 offer group creation capabilities? If so, how do you maintain these groups?

Yes using the SAP People Connect 365 Groups feature you can create, manage and view custom groups of employees. For example, you can create a of group all the employees in a certain department or a group of all employees in a particular city.


The Groups features allows you to create both static groups and Dynamic groups. Dynamic groups can be created by selecting the relevant criteria for that group, for example, Location, department. Based on these criteria, the group will be automatically updated without the need for manual updates.


For example, if you want to define a group of individuals from a certain location (i.e. New York) and  of a specified gender (i.e. Male), you can create a dynamic group which has Location and Gender conditions in the criteria. Once the group is created, all individuals matching the criteria will be automatically added to the group. Moreover, all the individuals added to the system after the creation of that group will also be included the the group.


Refer to the Groups section of the SAP People Connect 365 User Guide for more information.


Noel Ferreira Technical Lead for SAP People Connect 365
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