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SAP Digital Interconnect Employee

Can you generate templates for events in SAP People Connect 365?

SAP People Connect 365 does allow you to create event templates for various scenarios. The process of creating templates is quick and simple just like creating an event itself.


There are three ways to create a template:


  1. Create a template from scratch: Using a very similar workflow to the create event option, the user can select all the relevant criteria and save as a new template

    PC365 Create Template 1.png

  2. When creating an actual event: At the last step of the create event workflow, the user can select the option to also create a template

    PC365 Create Template 2.png

  3. Creating from an existing event: Even if an event has already been created, the user can still create a template from it, selecting from the header option

    PC365 Create Template 3.png
Noel Ferreira Technical Lead for SAP People Connect 365
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