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Can SAP People Connect 365 send automatic messages to individuals?

SAP People Connect 365 does provide Auto alert capabilities to the Admin users based on the relevant criteria for that specific account, for example, location, risk level and users. The People Connect user can use the auto alert to create events in a matter of seconds thanks to the URL contained in the auto generated message that takes the user straight to that alert in People Connect (desktop or mobile).


SAP People Connect 365 users will receive the notification with a description of the alert, its severity and a link for the user to open the details in the application, for example:


PC365 SampleNotifcation.png


Once the user clicks link, the SAP People Connect 365 UI is displayed showing details of the alert:


PC365 SampleNotifcation AssessAlert.png


The user now has the option to create and event from this alert.


Noel Ferreira Technical Lead for SAP People Connect 365
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