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SAP Digital Interconnect Employee

What is the benefit of using the enterprise service for SAP IoT Connect 365?

The enterprise service for SAP IoT Connect 365 simplifies the connectivity of the IoT with a single contract, connection, and interface. The SAP Digital Interconnect group helps remove uncertainty and complexity from IoT connectivity, device, and application management through its secure, reliable, and scalable messaging network. It also offers direct connections and established relationships with mobile network operators around the globe.


SAP IoT Connect 365 provides a highly elastic infrastructure that enables organizations to easily, consistently, and intelligently deploy, access, control, and monitor interconnectivity worldwide between their connected objects and business systems. SAP IoT Connect 365 helps streamline IoT projects by providing:


  • A single, network-agnostic SIM for the life of the connected thing
  • Unified management platform and RESTful API integration
  • A usage-based, no-minimum model that aligns costs with devices, rates plans, and global reach across multiple regions, networks, and operators.