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What is SAP IoT Connect 365?

SAP IoT Connect 365 is a new SAP Cloud Service that enables enterprises to simplify the connectivity of their IoT devices around the globe.


The Internet of Things (IoT) promises unprecedented connectivity among people, machines, and things. Data generated by connected things can be used to inform decisions, influence behavior, and create new business models. Connected things are transforming the way we work and live. Appliances, footwear, fitness equipment, cars – almost anything can be connected to the Internet. Data from connected things is exchanged across multiple mobile network operators (MNOs), billions of devices around the world, and other types of technology. Managing relationships, safeguarding data, and provisioning devices within this ecosystem can get very complex very quickly. By delivering choice and flexibility to enterprises, SAP IoT Connect 365, enterprise service, lays the foundation for a well-connected, cost-efficient, and secure environment.


SAP IoT Connect 365 is a cloud-based, managed service, which supports consistent interconnectivity between devices and the entire IoT infrastructure. It simplifies the IoT by enabling your business to reach and access IoT devices and gateways across multiple MNOs worldwide through a single contract and connection with SAP Digital Interconnect.


Click here to learn more about SAP IoT Connect 365.


John Candish Product Manager, SAP IoT Connect 365