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What are the key security considerations for IoT data?

As more things join the IoT, security attacks and breaches will increase and attacks are likely to become more sophisticated and more prevalent. Enterprises must be more vigilant about the confidential and sensitive data that they collect over the IoT. Anything from a customer address to the location of a company’s physical assets could pose a danger if it falls into the wrong hands. Another equally important security risk is data accuracy. In auto- mated systems, a single measurement or word can trigger multiple actions and responses. A utility company, for example, could cut off power or water to a segment of its customers based on a hacked communication. Enterprises must be confident that the incoming data has not been maliciously compromised, altered, or falsified. In summary, enterprises must be sure that their connected devices are identified and the data communications are secure.


So, what can you do to prevent scammers from targeting you? Check out this infographic to learn how the SAP IoT Connect 365 mobile service will enable you to:


  • Tap into the opportunities associated with IoT technology without sacrificing security
  • Streamline device connectivity, onboarding, and management via a single user interface
  • Keep your data safe and secure with a state-of-the-art firewall system based in the cloud.

With SAP IoT Connect 365, your data stays safe and secure – so that you can stay on top of every digital age opportunity that comes your way. Click here to learn more.


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John Candish Product Manager, SAP IoT Connect 365