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Time information on the SAP IoT Connect 365 UI and API

The timestamps displayed in the components accessible from the SAP IoT Connect 365 User Interface (UI) and API, depend on the information shared by the network and the local time shared by the user's browser (HTTP requests).


UTC time is displayed for:

  • Diagnostics information in the endpoint's view
  • Data usage charts in the dashboard and endpoint view
  • CDR Export, on the Data Analytics section.

Local time (for example: Berlin UTC+2) is displayed for:

  • Organization-wide events in the dashboard - also accessible through the bell icon, upper right corner.
  • Connectivity events in the endpoint and SIM view.
  • SMS history in the endpoint view.

Additional information - device time sync


A device syncs its internal clock as described below, unrelated to the way the SIM's connection and data events are shown by SAP IoT Connect 365:

  • Option 1:NITZ (Network Identity and Time Zone)- This is an optional part of the GSM specification, here the radio network is broadcasting the time on the signalling channel (no PDP context is required). The disadvantage is that this is supported only on a limited number of networks and not controlled by SAP IoT Connect 365. 
  • Option 2:NTP (Network Time Protocol) - This requires a PDP context and works like network synchronization on any device connected to the internet, the time is retrieved from NTP servers. No difference for 2G/3G/4G. 


Shahzad Ismail
Community Manager – SAP Digital Interconnect
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