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Monthly SMS Volume Limits

You can set a monthly SMS allowance in the Service Profile to can control the number of SMS exchanged by your endpoint. This can be controlled separately for MO-SMS (SMS send from the device) and MT-SMS (SMS received by the device). The limit is applied per calendar month and reset at UTC midnight on the 1st day of each month.


Adding a Usage Limit

To enable SMS limits, select the Service Profile option on the main menu, go to the Service Profile, and select the Usage Limits tab:




Click on Add Usage Limit:




From the Service field, select SMS MO or SMS MT depending on which direction you want to apply the limit. Choose the limit you want to apply from the Limit field. Click Add Limit. 

Sample Configuration 



This configuration will allow your device to send 10 SMS and to receive 50 SMS per month.


What happens if the limit is reached?


  • SMS MO - the sending of SMS from your device will start to fail, they will time out and your device will report an error.
  • SMS MT - the API (and therefore the SMS console) will stop accepting SMS with HTTP code 422 and will display the error message: "Traffic limit of X MT-SMS per month exceeded".

The limit will reset at UTC midnight on the 1st day of each month.


Can I increase the limit within a month?

Yes, you can increase (or decrease) the limits at any time. The new limit will be instantly applied. 


What happens if I add a limit during a month?

You can add limits at any time, though the system will take already accounted traffic for that month into account. Meaning if an endpoint has already exceeded the limit for that month, it will be instantly blocked for any further SMS transactions.

You can remove the limits at any time, meaning your endpoints will be able to send/receive any number of SMS after the limits are removed.


Shahzad Ismail
Community Manager – SAP Digital Interconnect
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