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How does SAP IoT Connect 365 speed time to value?

SAP IoT Connect 365 is part of a suite of IoT services offered by the SAP Digital Interconnect group. Formerly SAP Mobile Services, SAP Digital Interconnect provides cloud-based services that use configurable APIs, programmable digital interfaces, and proven messaging channels to connect the “last mile” between enterprises and their SAP solutions and other applications, customers, employees, and things.


Our interconnection services help mobile network operators worldwide to simplify and optimize connectivity, better monetize the IoT and messaging services, and reduce network costs without additional capital expenditure. In addition, SAP Digital Interconnect and SAP operate one of the world’s largest, most reliable cloud messaging networks. Offerings such as SAP IoT Connect 365 help businesses launch new IoT services faster and easily expand services to realize time to value more quickly.


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John Candish Product Manager, SAP IoT Connect 365