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How can you effectively manage operator contracts and connections?

Choose IoT solutions that minimize management requirements, enabling you to focus on your core business and better realize the potential of the IoT. Negotiating and managing operator contracts, for example, can be extremely complicated and time-consuming. The complexity grows for regional and global deployments that involve multiple geographies and operators, as well as connected devices that may roam and access numerous networks.


By selecting an IoT solution that connects your IoT devices to the most cost-effective operator network, you can simplify management, control costs, and improve performance. You should also choose a proven provider with established operator relationships, direct connections, and a neutral position in the ecosystem to manage and maintain these complex arrangements and contracts.


SAP Digital Interconnect provides a fully-enabled IoT ecosystem through it’s SAP IoT Connect 365, enterprise service, which simplifies the complex connectivity, scalability, and management of the Internet of Things (IoT) through a single contract and connection to a fully managed, cloud-based solution with global reach, a secure infrastructure, and real-time control.




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Vesa Lindberg, Head of Product Management, Operator Services