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SAP SMS Firewall 365 wins Carriers World Awards 2016


SAP SMS Firewall 365 wins industry recognition and acclaim




Total Telecom, a mobile industry information and research provider, named SAP SMS Firewall 365 the “Best Security and Fraud Solution” on September 21, 2016 at its 19th annual Carriers World Conference. Carriers World Awards are determined by industry votes and acknowledge excellence and leadership in the global wholesale market. Read more about the Carriers World Awards finalist shortlist and 2016 winners.


Launched last year, SAP SMS Firewall 365 helps mobile network operators address fraud challenges by detecting chargeable messaging traffic, blocking unsolicited messages or malware, and managing grey routes to help provide better experiences and increased revenues. SAP SMS Firewall 365 is a fully managed, cloud-based service that features a configurable, rule-based filtering capability that automatically monitors or blocks SMS traffic and dynamically identifies and minimizes unwanted messages and known fraud types. Our network and messaging experts constantly monitor existing and emerging threats and adapt SAP SMS Firewall 365 to:


  • Enable operators to quickly detect, respond, and prevent fraudulent activities
  • Improve revenue by controlling grey route traffic and reducing SMS faking
  • Eliminate the need to develop, integrate, and manage proprietary firewalls
  • Reduce unnecessary network loads without high capital and operating expenditure
  • Protect customers from messaging abuse and improve experiences


SAP SMS Firewall 365 helps mobile network operators proactively manage today’s messaging ecosystem by providing a cost-efficient, end-to-end solution that optimizes network infrastructure, helps close leaks and assure revenue, and protects against fraud and illegitimate traffic.


SAP Mobile Services Named Best Security and Fraud Solution


Short Message Service (SMS) has been a reliable source of growth and revenue for mobile network operators for decades. However, the mobile industry has recently undergone significant change that’s placed these established revenue streams under pressure. The rise in popularity of over-the-top (OTT) chat apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger have adversely affected traffic and revenue. While more sophisticated fraud and abuse tactics have resulted in more unpaid traffic, grey routes, SIM farms, spam, and malware that can impair customer experiences, network capacity, and profits.


Using our broad mobile knowledge and proven expertise, SAP Mobile Services, a division of SAP, provides interconnection services to help operators worldwide simplify and optimize connectivity, monetize messaging services, and reduce network costs without additional capital expenditure. Our cloud-based engagement services enable enterprises to connect the “last mile” with their customers and anonymized mobile-sourced data and analytic services provide near-real time consumer insight to brands and agencies around the globe. In addition, SAP operates the world’s largest, most reliable cloud messaging network, reaching 7.3 billion subscribers on 1,110 operators in 220 countries and processing over 1.8 billion messages daily.


Follow us on Twitter at @SAPMobileSrvcs to learn more about how SAP Mobile Services and our other operator, enterprise, and insight services are transforming businesses and customer experiences in the digital economy.

Shahzad Ismail
Community Manager – SAP Digital Interconnect
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