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Prepare for Roaming

How to prepare for LTE roaming?


LTE will enable new services such as video streaming, HD voice and Voice over LTE applications. However, these services will also put high demands on the data roaming backbone and require much more bandwidth and resilient network connectivity.  As mobile operators review their LTE Roaming connectivity options, they will need to consider the following business and technical factors in preparation to enable LTE Roaming needs, which is:


"Diameter Signaling, a New Roaming Connectivity which needs IPX Cloud based service"


Diameter Signaling

The build out of high-speed LTE networks is different from the technologies that preceded it. LTE requires a completely new signaling protocol. Put another way, SS7 MAP— which has been the rule for 2G / 3G mobile networks — is no longer needed. A new signaling protocol has been introduced, called Diameter.


- New Roaming Connectivity

In a roaming environment, the existence of this new protocol will require mobile operators to establish  new roaming connections. As operators launch LTE networks over the coming years, new roaming connectivity will be required with each new operator.  Effectively, the work performed over the last 10 years will need to be repeated.


- An IPX Cloud Based Service

It is widely accepted that LTE Roaming with Diameter signaling will be connected across IPX networks. As LTE Roaming proliferates, there will be a need for IPX providers to enable peering both at the data level and the signaling level. Consideration will also be needed to ensure Quality of Service (QoS) SLAs are implemented.


Ashruti Singh
Senior Product Marketing Manager- SAP Mobile Services
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