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Diameter roaming issues

We've got to the stage where:


  • there are enough LTE networks
  • we have handsets that work in multiple countries/regions
  • we have the first networks connecting for roaming.

So the next priorities are roaming and implementing it with Diameter.


What are your experiences of using Diameter for roaming customers? What should we be watching out for? What are your concerns?

Director, Global Marketing Solutions & Programs – Mobile, SAP
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Re: Diameter roaming issues

One of the issues that SAP Mobile Services has experienced is about non-standard realms. The customer in of the deployments did not wish to use the 3GPP standard realm format, instead wanting to use a ‘local’ realm between us and customer. We updated the relevant AVPs so that the realm was standardised for all attached customers, thus “hiding” the “local realm” that the customer wished to use.

Ashruti Singh
Senior Product Marketing Manager- SAP Mobile Services
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Re: Diameter roaming issues

Other issues we have seen include:


  1. MNO wishing to use IMSI based routing, rather than realm based routing
  2. an MNO not wishing to change some AVP values within some of the S6a interface commands.
  3. an MNO using shortnames instead of the 3GPP standard for MME hostnames.

In each of the cases we have been able to extend the functionality of the Diameter HUB or outsourced DEA to resolve these issues, in some cases permanently, and in others temporarily to allow end to end roaming testing to take place, while the MNOs engaged with their suppliers to deliver a more permanent solution.




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