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[SMS] - Network Freeze Notification 2019 -Georedundancy Failover Freeze Period

Description of Freeze:

SAP Operator Services will be implementing the following Network Freezes for our SMSx (US4) platform to implement Georedundancy Failover Testing. In preparation for this exercise and to ensure continuity between our US Datacenters, there will be a two week network freeze on any changes or provisioning to SMSx US4 platform from January 14th until January 28th. 


Freeze Dates:

Monday January 14th - Monday January 28th


The actual failover will be scheduled during early morning maintenance windows the week of January 21st.  This will be completed in two parts each with separate scheduled maintenance notifications:

  • A failover of traffic from US4 to US2 on January 22nd.
  • A rollback to US4 on January 24th.

Service Impact Assessment:

The SAP Digital Interconnect Network Freeze will restrict the following production activities on the related platform: 

  • Additions, removals and changes to any production database concerning tables/queries/provisioning 
  • Alterations to Network devices (router/vpn/firewall/switch) 
  • Alterations to Servers (Operating System connectivity/patches/provisioning) 
  • Alterations to Storage (provisioning) 
  • Alterations to all production connectivity platforms (all protocols) 
  • Adding or Removing physical hardware from any data facility 
  • Alterations to Protocol, Event and Queuing application layers

HOWEVER during the Freeze periods the following services will be supported on the appropriate US-based & France-based SMS platform, the UK-based & US-based MMS platform and all platforms supporting SAP Digital Interconnect for Operators services based on our standard change management, notification and scheduling procedures:

  • Individual routing updates (SUI) will be processed as normal
  • Testing of existing services with existing customers/operators
  • Ticket work - including SUI and General Trouble Tickets - will continue as normal unless requests fall under the Freeze restrictions.



    Please note that SAP Digital Interconnect will be taking pro-active measures to ensure availability and capacity for the duration of this freeze exists within the Network and routine maintenance in support of the Freeze periods will take place in advance of the Freeze period. 

      Best Wishes, SAP Digital Interconnect Network Operations Center
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