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SAP SMS 365 - International SMS Product Description

SAP SMS 365 provides solution sets to meet the needs of virtually any operator around the world and the focused concept provides regional and global markets a tailored solution designed for specific business models and technical requirements.

The solution based capabilities of SAP Mobile Services’ inter-carrier SMS interoperability suite provides the best mix of features for any one operator. Capabilities required by one operator in a specific region may not apply to operators in other regions. Additionally, in different parts of the world, business models are different. SAP SMS 365 is an extremely flexible set of features that provide reach and reliability for global inter-carrier SMS interoperability.

The SAP SMS 365 mobile service hosted in the US provides inter-carrier SMS interoperability for operators in North America, Latin America and South America, along with domestic interoperability and connectivity into North America (USA and Canada). The SAP SMS 365 mobile service hosted in Paris, France, provides a very flexible global SMS interoperability solution for operators throughout the world. Both sites support both IP and SS7 connectivity.


Read the SAP SMS 365 - International SMS Product Description attached below for full details of the SAP SMS 365 - International SMS service: 

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