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Does SAP Digital Interconnect support RCS?

Yes, SAP Digital Interconnect is in the process of implementing a new RCS (Rich Communications Services) strategy, whereby we will be able to offer a comprehensive RCS API as part of our overall multi-channel messaging strategy.


RCS is ready to take its place as a serious channel for consumer interaction. Additionally, it is designed to be the next generation of operator messaging, SMS, with which it shares a direct pedigree. Conversational engagement through RCS, as part of a multi-channel messaging strategy for a brand or enterprise can negate the need for mobile apps in many situations. Mobile apps can be expensive and there is no guarantee that they will be heavily used. Solutions such as chatbot-enabled RCS interaction can help alleviate the issue of app abandonment for some organizations.  These chatbot conversations may be rendered through RCS among other channels. However, with RCS, conversations take place in the default messaging app on a customer's device, eliminating the need for additional mobile apps.


Keeping checking the Community for details of our forthcoming Ask the Expert session on RCS, which is scheduled for November 2019.


William Dudley Group Director, Mobile Evangelist and Global Solutions Strategy,
SAP Digital Interconnect
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