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Can SAP Digital Interconnect support 10-digit long codes in the North American market (also known as 10DLCs)?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, SAP Digital Interconnect, by virtue of its strong P2P pedigree in the North American market, is in the unique position to provide specialty 10-Digit Long Code (10DLC) support for businesses who wish to leverage these low-cost sender identifiers for both person-to-person as well as business messaging solutions.  10DLCs may now be used for business (or A2P) messaging as long as they use specific, approved routes into US mobile carriers.  SAP Digital Interconnect can enable these approved routes on behalf of businesses that desire to use 10DLCs for A2P traffic. 


We should note that 10DLC A2P traffic is not approved for Canada (also in the +1 marketplace) at this time. Of course, the usage of 10DLCs for non-mobile operator P2P traffic has been prevalent for a long time and continues to be leveraged by a number of specific messaging apps as these traffic profiles comply with strict requirements and policies for P2P traffic.


Please consult with your SAP Digital Interconnect Account Manager for more information on 10DLCs in the U.S. marketplace.


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William Dudley Group Director, Mobile Evangelist and Global Solutions Strategy,
SAP Digital Interconnect
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