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Community Manager

With SAP People Connect 365, Businesses Stay Connected Through Emergencies, Disasters and Disruptions

SAP first went live with SAP People Connect 365 in SAP Silicon Valley. The cloud-based mobile service allows businesses to locate, contact and communicate with employees during emergencies and business disruptions.

Through its multiple functionalities, SAP People Connect 365 enables streamlined communication throughout a broad range of customer industries and business functions. For example, facilities teams can now communicate better with their workforce in instances of campus incidents and quickly identify parties and systems that have been impacted. Similarly, airlines are better able to monitor communication with ground staff during weather disruptions and local governments can keep workers up-to-date in real time on the status of emergency situations.


SAP People Connect 365 has gone live in Australia

Read the full news article here.


Shahzad Ismail
Community Manager – SAP Digital Interconnect
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