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Multichannel Engagement for the Experience Economy: What Does It Mean for Marketers?

We are living in a time where consumer interaction with brands is no longer a one-way channel. Every interaction a company has with its existing customers has moved from being a transaction to an experience.


Brands are taking a more holistic approach to engaging and retaining customers because it’s not just one point of interaction that matters, it’s everything else that leads up to and follows that engagement. Welcome to the experience economy!


What does this mean for marketers? For one, the job has become a lot tougher. Second, the boundaries within which the role of marketing operates have expanded and now includes being a data scientist, technologist, and business driver — not just enabler. Customers are adopting new ways to communicate and interact, and brands need to be there.


Having a multichannel engagement strategy is imperative today. Learn why brands must build out their....


Arti Yadav,
Director, Strategic Go-To-Market projects
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