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[INCIDENT- Resolved] | Enterprise Messaging | SMS365 | Delay in delivery reports for AT&T :TT #300130597

Status: Resolved 


Ticket: 300130597


Start Date & Time (GMT) : 6th April 2019 16:05 Hrs.


End Date & Time (GMT) :   6th April 2019 16:15 Hrs.


Description :

We had observed brief queue build up for delivery reports within our platform, Hence Our customer might have observed delay in delivery reports.

Resolution Comments :

1.The queues cleared without any intervention from SAP support groups.

2.We do not observe any further queues within our platform and we are processing traffic normally.

3.SAP Support groups are investigating the cause for this queue build up.

4.Monitoring NOC will continue to monitor.  


Current Impact:
MO: No impact.
MT: No impact.
Notification: No impact
Message manager: No impact
Extranet: No impact

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