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[INCIDENT-RESOLVED] | Operator Services | iSMS | Potential SRI Time-Out / FSM Time-Out| TT#300136756

Incident Notification




Platform / Service


Incident Start Date & Time (GMT) :

15th – Sept- 2019 17:00 Hrs.


Incident End Date & Time (GMT) :

 15th – Sept- 2019 18:15 Hrs.

Impact Assessment

Mobile Terminating (MT) Traffic:

No Impact


Report Manager Access :

Not Applicable

Mobile Originated (MO) Traffic:

No Impact


Report Manager Statistics :

Not Applicable

DR Notification:

No Impact



Not Applicable


  1. We have been alerted to an incident wherein we are seeing minor issue with one of our application node.
  2. Very few of our Customers may face Potential SRI Time-Out / FSM Time-Out issue,
  3. SAP Support groups is currently investigating the issue.

Resolution Comments

As per final confirmation from our Support team , there should not be any traffic impact due this incident.






If you experience any issues during this maintenance , please contact the SAP Operator Service NOC immediately at or +1 800.219.7835 or +1 703.674.4200, option 1, and reference this notification.

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