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Community Manager

Messaging & SMS World Conference - 28 & 29 November 2017, Congress Centre, London

SAP Digital Interconnect will be presenting at the Messaging & SMS World Conference on 28 & 29 November 2017 at the Congress Centre in London.


Mike Willock (VP Sales EMEA) and Virginie Debris (Head of Product Mangement) will be discussing how to transition to the next era of enterprise messaging. See below for an overview of the session:


Enterprise mobile messaging is enjoying steady growth driven by new use cases, new market entrants and new technologies. It is a solid and profitable channel; hence the market needs to both maintain a strong foothold on the status quo, whilst transitioning in parallel towards the next era of enterprise messaging.
Enterprises need to understand both consumer demand and new communication trends if they are to engage their customers, whereas simultaneously improving their business practices. Mobile network operators need to swiftly adjust infrastructure to support changing demands of both consumers and enterprises for faster and more sophisticated engagement processes. And for all market players, it’s essential to harness the value that can be added to A2P delivery and keep ahead on new technologies. MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme will host an expert session looking at how different stakeholders are preparing for change. What are businesses demanding from enterprise messaging players? How can you stay competitive in enterprise messaging delivery – today and tomorrow? And how can you stay ahead of the game and not be disrupted? 


Shahzad Ismail
Community Manager – SAP Digital Interconnect

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