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Masterclassing: Digital Retail & CPG [June 27 in Los Angeles, USA]

The Digital Retail & CPG Masterclass in Los Angeles is a half-day conference to help you understand and implement the latest in digital in the retail & CPG industry.


SAP Digital Interconnect will be presenting at the event.


Event Details:
Date: Thu, June 27th
Time: 8:30am to 12:30pm
Location: Los Angeles
Venue: The Standard - SPiN Room, 550 South Flower at 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Our speaker Amber Peters, will speak on:

  • why creating impact in a hyperconnected marketplace requires brands to have th eright tools that deepen customer engagement and deliver personalized experiences.
  • how simplified access to developer enablement resources that easily enable intelligent interconnectivity services allows industries, enterprises, and lines of business integrate experience and operational data into innovative offerings that help them run better and create the best possible experience for their business partners, employees, and customers.

Tickets to this masterclass are free and available to senior brand managers. If you are in LA and eligible under this criteria, don't miss this opportunity - do register now on the masterclassing site.


Read our article “Making sense of a multichannel, social world”, published on Mobile Marketing online magazine. It features Meenal Prasad and Mirko Benetti who discuss the complexity and implications of multichannel communications for intelligent enterprises and the increasing role of personalized channels including social media in two-way engagement and authentication for retailers, hospitality, and other industries.



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