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Join us at the Digital Marketing MasterClass at Boston on November 28, 2018

After a series of MasterClassing sessions in September, SAP Digital is participating in another Digital Marketing MasterClass at Boston this month.

Date: Wed, November 28, 2018
Time: 8:30am
Venue: Boston College Club, 100 Federal Street, 36th Floor, Boston, MA 02210

The event is free to attend. If you are in Boston, do register to join the session – learn how solutions from SAP Digital Interconnect help you connect, engage, and secure the last mile reach to your consumers.

Our Speaker, Eric Perelshtein - Sales Director, SAP Digital Interconnect, will speak on how SAP Digital Interconnect helps you transform consumer communications to conversations in the digital world.

This is also a great opportunity for you to interact and engage with our colleagues at round table sessions and raise any queries you may have on our products and services.

Do block your calendars – we look forward to meeting you at the Boston College Club on November 28!



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