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DRJ Fall Conference (Sep 29-Oct 2, at Phoenix)

The DRJ Fall Conference, 2019 is scheduled to be held in Phoenix on Sep. 29 - Oct 2.  If you are present at the conference, block your calendars to attend our speaking slot and take time off to visit our booth # 505.


Our Industry Expert, Amber Peters, will speak on the topic 'Resiliency in 2020: Digital Transformation and the Gig Economy'


Date: Tue, Oct 1

Time: 8:15am -9:15am

Session details: Breakout Track 4, Session 4
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Join Amber as she considers how organizations will communicate with customers, devices, employees and contingent workforces during crisis/response management in an increasingly dynamic and complex future.

Our team will be available at booth #505.

Know more about how you can control, manage, and measure responsiveness during disruptive business events with SAP People Connect 365


We look forward to meeting you!

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