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Business Continuity Round Table Sessions [March & April 2019]

We are looking forward to the series of Round table sessions planned over March and April, where we will showcase how SAP People Connect 365 helps control, manage, and measure responsiveness during disruptive business events.

Date                   Place
Mar 21              Sydney
Apr 11               Bangalore
Apr 17              Singapore
Apr 25               SFO 


Cyberattacks. Global threats. Natural disasters. Disruption can happen anytime, anywhere. When the unexpected happens, many companies are unprepared - they lack the technology to monitor fast-moving regional events, connect with employees around the world, and maintain operational efficiency during a crisis. 


Read the SAP People Connect 365 - Product Overview Brochure to learn how you can use SAP People Connect 365 to boost your resilience and gain a competitive edge. 

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