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BCI World 2019 [Nov 5-6, 2019; London, UK]

Will you be attending the BCI World Conference 2019 at London on 5th and 6th November?

The program is built around the theme 'Investing in Resilience'.

If you are present at the conference, please visit our booth number 40 where you can interact with our colleagues to know more on to know how SAP Digital Interconnect is helping organizations build greater resilience to drive long-term competitive advantage in the digital economy.

No matter how well prepared your business is, every now and then, things will inevitably go wrong. It could be something as common as a power outage or as major as a fire. Whatever the case, the important thing is being able to respond quickly, in the right way, in order to safeguard your business, your employees, and in some cases, your customers.  Products and solutions from SAP Digital Interconnect can help you combat this. Please visit our stall at the BCI World Conference, 2019 for more details.

Please your calendars to attend our exhibitor speaking slot - Our speaker Pedro Borrero, will speak on 

'Bridging the gap between soiled organization structures and building resilience with intelligent APIs'
Date: Nov. 6th, 2019
Time: 11-11:30am

We hope to be able to meet and interract with you at the BCI World Conference and Exhibition, 2019!

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