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service extranet Credentials not Accepted/Recognised

service extranet Credentials not Accepted/Recognised


What do you do if you cannot log in to the service extranet for SAP SMS 365, enterprise service?


There are several reasons why access to the service extranet may be denied, for example, the user account is locked, you have entered the user details incorrectly.



If you find that you are unable to log into the service extranet as your extranet credentials are not accepted or recognized, contact your SAP Digital Interconnect Account Manager to confirm that your service extranet login details are correct and active.


It is recommended that customers provide the following information when contacting their SAP Digital Interconnect Account Manager:


  • the user details for the account so that the Account Manager can confirm if they are correct

  • details of when the user details were last used successfully

  • details of any error message displayed.

NOTE: The account may be suspended or closed and therefore the service extranet account will also be restricted.

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