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Unable to Establish a Connection when Attempting to Bind

Unable to Establish a Connection when Attempting to Bind


You are attempting to bind but are unable to establish a connection?


This is a common problem and occurs when you lose the connection and then try and log in too early, before the session has timed out on the SAP Digital Interconnect side. When you attempt to log on again, the previous session is still active and so the log on fails because there are too many active sessions. This will continue until:


  • You manage to log out cleanly from your live session (a confirmed unbind)
  • You drop the session long enough for it to time out on the SAP Digital Interconnect side
  • You restart the application from your end. You must wait for at least a minute, and then you should be able to successfully bind, because all the live and 'dead' connections that were generated by your earlier attempts to bind will have been dropped. 

If you still cannot connect, contact the SAP Digital Interconnect Service Desk. Please refer to the SAP Digital Interconnect Customer Support Document for full details of the Support Process and the guidelines for determining what information you need to include in your ticket email.


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