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Community Manager

Sample Use Cases for Messaging APIs

Follow these step-by-step sample projects to get to production faster and to get a better understanding of how SAP Live Link 365 APIs work:




Hello World

Learn how to send an SMS message to any phone number using the SAP Live Link 365 Messaging API




Integrate SAP Live Link 365 with Social Media

Find out how to build an app that listens for tweets from a certain Twitter account, and then routes the tweets to a phone number through SAP Live Link 365's SMS API





Send Appointment Reminders with SAP Live Link 365

Learn how to build a ‘Doctor’s Appointment App’ to send appointment reminders via SMS using SAP Live Link 365 API.





Flight Booking with SAP Live Link 365

Learn how to connect SAP Live Link 365's SMS sending API to a flight booking app. This sample creates the model of a flight's booking information and sends an SMS notification to a phone number.





Bank Product Advertising Using Live Link

Learn how to use SAP Live Link 365 to build a ‘Bank Customer Service App’ to send product advertising updates using SMS.






Log In with Multi-factor Authentication

This application will demonstrate how to implement a two-legged, two-factor authentication for logins.






Request Endpoints with SAP IoT Connect 365

Learn how to interact with the SAP IoT Connect 365 API







Discover how to implement callbacks to receive MO or status messages.





Shahzad Ismail
Head of Community Engagement
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