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New Zealand SMS Guidelines

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New Zealand Country Overview

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New Zealand



International Country Code


Mobile Country Code


ISO Code


Mobile Operators

New Zealand has three main mobile operators:

  • Vodafone
  • Spark (formerly Telecom New Zealand)
  • 2degrees.


Service Guidelines


Mobile Number Portability (MNP)


Service offered (SC/LC)

Strictly Registered Numeric Short Codes only

Does customer need to have shared/dedicated SC?


2 Way Services (MO/MT)


Handset Delivery Receipts






Supported encoding


Unicode Support



TPOA (Sender ID)

Must be registered numeric short code

Dynamic TPOA available?


TPOA Registration needed and what are the average delays?

Yes. Once TPOA order form is submitted to the operators it can take up to 10 working days for approval/processing.

Specific TPOA comments

Every enterprise must have their own registered numeric short code. Contact the ANZ Sales team for this.

Note: If the operators receive complaints of SPAM from a short code, there is a high possibility that the short code will get blocked, and a new code may need to be procured for NZ.


Regulatory Compliance


Differentiation between Marketing vs Transactional traffic?


Opt-in/Opt-out requirements

New Zealand are very strict on opt-in and opt-out, spam, etc. They follow the TCF code, which can be viewed here. ( _

Regulatory Information

It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with all the rules and regulations as stated in the Code of Conduct and as specified by the operators themselves. Please refer to the material published by the relevant regulatory bodies.

Further References

The following industry body websites also contain useful information which may be of interest to the customer:

SAP Digital Interconnect Contact


Disclaimer: The Country SMS Guidelines do not constitute legal advice. By providing you with these Country SMS Guidelines, SAP Digital Interconnect makes no assurances regarding the legal compliance of your use of the SAP Digital Interconnect services and any application built using SAP Digital Interconnect’s APIs, nor about the correctness or completeness of these Country SMS Guidelines, and SAP reserves the right to at any time amend or withdraw the Country SMS Guidelines. These Country SMS Guidelines do not relieve you from educating yourself about, and abiding by, all compliance obligations applicable to your specific use of the SAP Digital Interconnect services and any application built using SAP Digital Interconnect’s APIs.


See below for a pdf version of this document:


Shahzad Ismail
Head of Community Engagement
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