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The Social Landscape is Changing

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With the popularity of social messaging continuing to grow, the ability to offer customer support on multiple channels is more important than ever, as it empowers the end user to receive the support on the channel that they prefer. Businesses around the world want to engage with their customers when and where it matters the most. Satisfaction with customer support interactions are dwindling amongst consumers, and social channels are increasingly becoming the destination that users want to communicate with the companies that they do business with. Around 50% of the consumer base prefers these types of interactions to occur via social media platforms, and WhatsApp in particular is quickly becoming the platform of choice to build and grow your business.


Over a billion people use WhatsApp every day for communication and collaboration and with WhatsApp’s feature-rich Business API, businesses large and small alike can build more personal relationships with their customers. With the ability to host entire business operations on the platform, WhatsApp has become a hotbed for growth, as people are interacting with businesses in an entirely new way.


And with the looming COVID-19 crisis, even more are online to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues. New data collected by insights and consulting firm Kantar from a survey in mid-March of more than 25,000 consumers in 30 markets, revealed that WhatsApp is the social media app that has experienced the greatest gains due to COVID-19. WhatsApp’s usage has jumped up 40%, growing from an initial 27% bump in the earlier days of the pandemic. For countries already in the later phase of the pandemic, WhatsApp usage has jumped by 51%.


WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp is a unique messaging platform with end-to-end encryption between clients:

  • Connect with over 1.5 billion users: With over 1.5 billion users in 180 countries, you can reach your customers in real time on the most popular messaging platform in the world
  • Showcase your brand: Build brand recognition and earn customer loyalty by creating a WhatsApp Business profile
  • Send notifications and alerts:  One-time passwords, credit card transaction notifications, and other timely messages can all be sent securely to users with end-to-end encryption
  • Multimedia Support: Send invoices, receipts, boarding passes, and other important documents to your customers on a trusted platform.

SAP Social Channels 365 from SAP Digital Interconnect allows you to take advantage of all the WhatsApp platform features that you would otherwise need to implement yourself.


Never miss another notification with SAP Social Channels 365 and WhatsApp Business API

With SAP Social Channels 365, using a single connection API, businesses can leverage the connectivity that WhatsApp provides to their customers, as well as the ability to reach customers on other channels if they are unreachable on WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber, Telegram, in-app Push notification, and SMS are all available channels to fail over to in the event that a user cannot be reached on the primary channel of choice.


SAP Social channels 365 powered by SAP Intelligent Decision 365 acts as a message dispatcher based on user preferences. Intelligent Decision 365 processes API requests and routes them to the correct downstream channel, allowing messages to be delivered in any sequence, and retried on another channel if a user is unreachable on their preferred channel.


Get started and test WhatsApp integration today!

Using SAP Social Channels 365 customers can test WhatsApp integration using a test account and by following the simple steps outlined below:

  1. Apply for a Facebook Business Manager Account and obtain a Business Manager ID.
  2. Follow the steps outlined in the Create a Facebook Business Manager Account page.
  3. Contact SAP Digital Interconnect and provide:
  • Facebook Business Manager ID (Your Facebook Business Manager ID will be available in the “Business Info” section under Business Settings
  • Display name for WhatsApp account.
  • Valid phone number for WhatsApp account. (NOTE: This phone num ber will be used by SAP Digital Interconnect will create a WhatsApp business account using the customer Facebook Business Manager ID.
  1. Set up the WhatsApp Business API with SAP Social Channels and send your first message.

Contact a representative today to find out how you can test WhatsApp for your business with the SAP Digital Interconnect Sandbox.