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The Future Of SMS And Text Messaging: Superpowers Of Conversion And Engagement

SAP Digital Interconnect Employee
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Often, I scratch my head and wonder, “How relevant is SMS in 2018, which also marks the 25th birthday of text messaging?”


Looking at my SMS inbox, my gut feeling is that SMS is still relevant. Could it just be me, blindly and deeply attached to text messaging as a mobile messaging industry veteran of fifteen years?


The data says no, it’s not just me.


While numerous studies can be cited, nearly all of them boast an open rate of over 90% when it comes to SMS, and most of those are opened within the first three minutes. Despite these powerful numbers, most businesses aren’t utilizing text messaging to engage or communicate with their customers.


Those statistics look like a good reason to have a birthday celebration of SMS rather than a revival party.


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In order to shorten down the chances of cyber threats, there has been a concept of Mobile phone verification that brands have started to implement for safe and secure information sharing. With the high risk of hacking and fraud over the digital world, it is important to make all flow of information and user data secure from third party intervention.


All businesses and brands can now get integrated with a Mobile phone verification API that will allow them to enhance their security infrastructure. Sending high volumes of OTP text messages for authorized access will get easy to execute. Also, the transactions will face no real danger since they will be done through an authentic procedure. Decrease all possible threats by setting up Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to engulf an extra layer of security to verify your user’s identity.