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The Case for Short Codes in a Long Code World

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This is a piece about mobile messaging – SMS to be precise. Remember SMS, that mobile messaging medium that has been decimated by non-SMS chat applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and many others? Well, it is still very much around, live and well and, I’ll say it: prospering.


Rumors of SMS’s death are greatly exaggerated.


So, what does this title mean and how does it pertain to SMS? Let’s start with Long Codes. Long Codes are in fact telephone numbers – any telephone number from any country. They can be mobile device numbers, landline or geographic numbers and even toll free numbers. That’s a long code. Sometimes in the industry, we call them MSISDNs; however, to be clear, that term is mostly used in the GSM network world. Phone numbers is the GSM world are called MSISDNs (or Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number). Phone numbers adhere to an international standard called a E.164



About the Author
William Dudley has almost 30 years of experience building and managing telecommunications network infrastructure. He defines SAP Digital Interconnects’ global solutions strategy within the mobile ecosystem, focusing on solutions for messaging, next-generation networks (LTE, IPX), and mobile consumer engagement. As mobile evangelist, he communicates through both internal and external publications and is active in industry groups.