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SAP Digital Interconnect VoLTE, RCS Roaming and Interconnect

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With more than 200 LTE network deployments since 2010, the issue of isolated mobile networks is becoming more prevalent. Now is the time for you to participate in a free trial for VoLTE, or RCS roaming and interconnect services.


Here at SAP Digital Interconnect, we’re committed to expanding the LTE (Long-Term Evolution) roaming and interconnect community. Through supporting mobile operators, we help them provide a seamless global roaming experience for mobile subscribers.


Just last year we were the first to announce a standards-compliant IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) roaming and interconnect hub for IP-based services, including VoLTE (Voice over Long-Term Evolution) and RCS (Rich Communication Services).


This will help to establish a global community in which subscribers can communicate beyond traditional voice and messaging services across any device, network and geography.


So what are the benefits?


The IMS hub enables service connectivity (VoLTE, RCS) between Mobile Operators; without said operators having to go through bilateral configuration and testing of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) interconnects with each of their interconnect or roaming partners.


Furthermore, a single bilateral connection, NNI (Network-to-network interface), can take a couple of months to establish as even though this industry is standards based, the implementation of the standards does vary from vendor to vendor.


By using a service interconnect hub, the operator only needs to go through this effort once.


Here at SAP, we have the experience to do this efficiently, and have the flexibility to tweak individual customer interfaces; this ensures all vendors are catered for, and the differences required are implemented.


If you want to greatly reduce the time-to-market for VoLTE/RCS service roaming and (international) service interconnect, contact us at to learn more.