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Microservices And The Circular Economy

SAP Digital Interconnect Employee
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The art of complex problem-solving lies fundamentally in dividing the big problem into subproblems. Solutions to these subproblems become the building blocks for other solutions. This modular approach of dividing a system into submodules is widely used in industries such as automotive, electronics, and construction, to create benefits such as cost reduction, time reduction, and quality improvement.


In software development, this approach has inspired the concept of microservices. Microservices is a technique that divides the application into multiple components or services. Unlike monolithic architecture, where the entire problem is solved by a single code base, each microservice focuses on a single business requirement. This approach helps in quick scaling, faster development, and reusability – supporting the concept of the circular economy.


A circular economy revolves around minimizing waste and making the most of resources. Here are some of the ways a microservices approach can benefit software development.


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