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Integrated email service from SAP Digital Interconnect is a critical last-mile connect for SAP Marketing Cloud

SAP Digital Interconnect Employee
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Beginning 2nd half of 2016 SAP Digital Interconnect, added email as an API led digital business service to our portfolio, expanding the ability for consumer platforms ( such as SAP Marketing Cloud) to engage using multiple channels such as SMS, In-app Push and email using a single in-house service.


Why Email?

Email offers some unique channel advantages:

  • Email  boasts the highest number of worldwide users ~4 billion
  • New public cloud driven businesses increasingly use a JSON/ RESTful API based email service
  • Despite social networks and messaging platforms commanding ever-increasing subscription, email continues to be a highly relevant communication channel with a low cost per engagement. For example, consider the below statistics on cost per engagement (tabulated based on internal and industry research)

Industry estimates


  • Finally, Using email & SMS in conjunction is a great way to optimize engagement with SMS providing the benefit of immediacy in engagement ( >90% read rate within 30 minutes of receiving an SMS).

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