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How to develop and deliver messaging solutions that enhance customer experience – fast

SAP Digital Interconnect Employee
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Of the many changes wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, one that stands out is the growing demand on organisations across the economic spectrum to deliver an ever-more effective, efficient and innovative online consumer experience.


Dozens of studies over the years have underlined the importance of customer experience to the bottom-line. For example, in a 2018 study commissioned by Adobe, Forrester noted that “customer-obsessed companies have the highest median three-year growth in sales” and that their revenue growth was 1.4 times faster and generated 1.6 times more customer lifetime value than that of other companies.


Africa has not been immune to this trend, according to Uffe Jes Hansen, VP MEA at SAP Digital Interconnect. “In our experience with African clients, the importance of customer experience to the bottom-line has become more and more important,” he says.


Not surprisingly, technology is playing an ever-increasing role in delivering the level of customer experience that produces the greatest value. However, technology itself cannot be seen as the silver bullet for customer satisfaction.


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