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How to Keep your Customers

SAP Digital Interconnect Employee
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Research by Ovum suggests Mobile Operators are at risk with as many as half of their customers could churn over the next 12 months due their needs not being met. Customers are becoming increasingly more demanding in terms of the mobile service they receive and as we are fast approaching 2015, mobile operators – and all organisations - need to take this as a warning and make customer-centricity their focus in order to keep customers loyal.


A key part of this is offering a multi-channel experience to consumers so they can engage via the platform of their choice. As technology continues to advance at a staggering pace the number of channels to communicate with customers proliferates. Organizations should be focusing on improving these channels in order to engage and interact with customers and keep them on side. 


The SMS Advantage report highlights the need for businesses to engage via SMS – a channel that many may merely put to the bottom of the priority list. In fact, as many as 64% of consumers think companies should interact with them via SMS more than they currently do. This channel may have been overlooked in recent years due to the increase of apps and internet usage but SMS is still a useful tool for communication between organizations and consumers. Three quarters of respondents stated that SMS improves the overall brand experience when communicating with businesses.


Businesses should also focus on consumer insight to make more informed decisions and offer personalised services. Take Mobile Operators for example, they gather a vast amount of data from consumers which can – and should – be utilized fully in order to gain a more complex view of customers to tailor communications, keep customers returning, and increase sales.  


The key to keeping customers loyal is to keep them at the forefront of every aspect of the business, providing them with a variety of channels to engage will make their lives easier. Likewise, if companies use the consumer data they gather effectively it is then possible to tailor communication and approach consumers accurately and begin an engaging interaction.

About the Author
At SAP Digital Interconnect, Felix is responsible for integrating our SAP Digital Interconnect solutions with other SAP products, such as SAP Hybris Marketing, Cloud for Customers, Successfactors and SAP Cloud Platform. Prior to his current role, Felix held several Sales Leader positions at SAP, gaining a wealth of experience selling new technologies and complex software to enterprises.