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Going from 100 to 100,000 devices: The challenges of IoT scaling

SAP Digital Interconnect Employee
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For most intelligent enterprises, their journey into the Internet of Things (IoT) starts the same way it would for any other project: with a proof of concept. A small-scale deployment that allows an organization to gather real-world data, evaluate and identify any changes, and scale up from there. It’s just good sense.


Once a proof of concept has proved viable, that process of scaling is typically very rapid for IoT solutions. As the organization jumps from perhaps 100 to potentially thousands of devices or more, that puts them in a whole different world of complexity, with many extra considerations that can make or break a project.


For example, can the chosen provider support the number and types of SIMs and infrastructure at the required scale? And if the proof of concept process requires roaming, security, or connectivity changes that must be made, can the selected provider accommodate those requirements as well? These are conversations worth having up front, to avoid the potential for major problems down the line.


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