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Getting ahead of a crisis – how to improve organizational continuity, resiliency, and well-being

SAP Digital Interconnect Employee
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No matter how well prepared your business is, the truth is that life is unpredictable – and every now and then, things will inevitably go wrong. It could be something as commonplace as a power outage, or as major as a fire. Whatever the case, the important thing is being able to respond quickly, in the right way, in order to safeguard both your business, employees, and in some cases, your customers.


Unplanned disruptions can impact productivity and workflow. A power outage in a warehouse can cause problems all along the supply chain, while employees reaching the office to find there’s no Internet access, for example, is going to waste valuable time. 34% of organizations report costs of at least €1 million each year due to supply chain disruptions.


In more serious cases, these incidents can also threaten the morale and even personal safety of your staff and others. This might be harder to quantify, but it’s nonetheless the single most important aspect of protecting your organisation – safeguarding the people within it.


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